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Stripe Guide

Stripe is a quick and secure way to accept credit card payments online.

Please Note: Since you will be sending very sensitive credit card information across to Stripe, Stripe requires you to have an SSL certificate set up on your site to be used properly.

How Stripe works.

Stripe processes all credit card transactions for you. Once your Stripe account is integrated into your site, you can begin accepting payments immediately. To get started, make an account on by going to to sign up for an account.

How do I set up Stripe on Total Donations?

  1. Filling in your API Keys: After you have created a Stripe account go to the Stripe dashboard. On the Upper right corner you’ll see some options. Click Your Account > Account Setting.Select the API Keys. There are four keys: Test Secret Key, Test Public Key, Live Secret Key and Live Public Key. For live environments use the Live Secret Key and the Live Public Key. If you want to test the transaction, choose the Test Secret Key and Test Public Key. Copy all of these keys to the Stripe Settings page in Total Donations.
  2. Set up Webhooks for recurring donations and disputed charges: Stripe uses webhooks to be notified about events that happen in a Stripe account. For a one time donation, Total Donations doesn’t need to use webhooks to receive information about a successful charge from Stripe. All donation done via Stripe on Total Donations front end form are handled via backend API SDK. However, Total Donations needs webhooks to receive recurring donation and disputed charge information. Total Donation gives you the option to use Stripe.js. We recommend this option for easier PCI compliance.
    • Example 1: Sonya donates $10 to your site and chooses it as a recurring donation each month. Each month Stripe will charge Sonya $10 and if the charge is successful, Stripe will send the message “charge succeeded” to your website’s webhook.
    • Example 2: An anonymous donor makes a donation. Stripe detects it as a disputed charge. Stripe will send the message “charge.dispute.created” to your website’s webhooks. Total Donations will put a red warning for this donation on your online report’s page. To handle this dispute payment, go to your Stripe account and follow the instructions there. You can choose to accept this or pend this from inside Stripe. The red sign on the report inside Total donations will remove itself after Total Donations receives a message that this disputed charge is now closed.

    To set up your webhooks, go to the settings under your account under Account > Account Setting > Webhooks. Copy the URL that is on Total Donation’s Stripe Settings Page to the URL on your webhooks. Choose the mode Live if you are ready to go live and Test if you want to test Stripe. To test events, choose Select Events and click charge.succeeded, charge.dispute.created, and charge.dispute.closed. Please send a test webhook from Stripe to make sure it runs successfully. Our webhook listener acts as an endpoint that receives this message from Stripe. If it generates an error it means something has blocked the message and it hasn’t been execute by TotalDontaions.

  • We suggest that you test Stripe transactions using the test mode: In Total Donations, choose Test Stripe on the Stripe Info Panel. Make a one time donation and a recurring donation. If the credit card information is incorrect, the form will alert you to the cause of the problem. If the donation succeeds then the form will redirect you to the “Thank You” page. Check the reports and your email for the thank you letter and conformation that the donation went through. You can find some test credit cards here.
  • Version 3.0 and up of Total Donations now includes AVS (Address Verification Service) to help prevent fraud. We recommend using this. Any fraudulent donations made on your site will cost money to resolve if Stripe resolves it in credit card holder’s favor. This only can be used if you make address, city, country and postalcode mandatory fields. Stripe has its more advanced fraud detection. Please contact Stripe for this.
  • What info will be saved about your Stripe payment? The plugin will save all of your donor’s donation information in your website’s database except for the credit card information. This information can be exported into a CSV file for use in Excel. In Stripe, payment details and card information will be saved. In the payment details section, our plugin will write a description consisting of [firstname] [lastname] – [campaign] only if these fields are not empty.
  • How do I change the Stripe mode to either Live or Test? Open your Stripe dashboard. (1) On the right upper you will see switch for choosing Live or Test. (2) Go to your Account > Account Settings > Webhooks. Choose one of the end points and click edit. Change the Mode to Live or Test.
  • Do I need SSL ? Stripe forces HTTPS for all services. They regularly audit the details of this certificate. For more info visit here You must make your website communicate via HTTPS services. Here is a guide to SSL: You must set up your SSL/TLS before you can begin accepting payments with Credit Cards. Our Stripe module communicates with Stripe’s website via cURL. The cURL itself uses an SSL certificate and HTTPS.

If you have any problems with the setting or any questions, please send a message via our profile here