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Setting up Recurring Donations (Full Version Only)

To set up reoccurring donations. Go to the recurring donations tab inside the form options page. The recurring donation gateway must match the gateways you are currently using on the site or they will not show on the form. For example, if you have set up a reoccurring donations with the PayPal gateway but are using both PayPal and Stripe as your payment gateways, nether will show on the frontend form. Before you can use either Stripe, PayPal or Authorize.Net as a gateway with reoccurring donations, you must make sure to set up your Authorize.Net, Stripe and PayPal accounts in their respective pages. You can drag and drop the reoccurring donations after they have been created to rearrange the order they appear in on the frontend form.

Please Note: Authorize.Net restricts plans to a Daily and Monthly period and a daily period cannot be less than 7 days. If you use Authorize.Net in conjunction with PayPal and/or Stripe. You will be limited to a Daily and Monthly period.


Adding a name to the label

To add a new reoccurring gateway, first give it a name in the label field. Use a name that describes how often the donation is set to reoccur. For example: Every two weeks.


Next set your interval. There are two values here. First the length of time in a numerical value (interval count) and then time period ( month, week, day. )

To set up a reoccurring donation every two weeks. Add a 2 to the first field and then use the drop down to change the second field to week(s).

Payment gateways

Next add your payment gateways. If you are only using PayPal, select only the option for PayPal. If you are only using Stripe. Set the option for Stripe Only. If you are using both. Set the option for PayPal or Stripe. You can change these later if you wish. Remember to set up each gateway prior to adding a reoccurring schedule.

Then click save. You can drag and drop your reoccurring donations into any order and modify a plan. Stripe Plans cannot have their time periods changed – only the name may be changed. PayPal reoccurring donations can have both the time period and the name changed. (This is due to the fact that Stripe uses a vastly different plan format that can not have a modified time period.)

The None Option Label

If you have two or more reoccurring time periods set up. Total Donations will change the type from a checkbox field to a radio button. Then you will need to add a label to the “none” option. This gives your donor a chance to pick none of the options and continue forward with a regular one-time donation.


Canceling a reoccurring donation

Reoccurring donations do not have an expiry date. They will last until they are canceled. Reoccurring donations set with PayPal must be canceled by the donor through their own PayPal account. Donations set by Stripe must be canceled by the administrator of Stripe upon request of the donor. Donations set by Authorize.Net must be canceled by the administrator of Authorize.Net upon request of the donor. Remember: You are responsible for cancelling reoccurring donations.