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ReCaptcha anti-spam bot (Full Version Only)

ReCaptcha is a free service from Google that protects your website from spam, abuse and credit card fraud. A “CAPTCHA” is a test to tell human and bots apart. It is easy for humans to solve, but hard for “bots” and other malicious software to figure out. By adding reCAPTCHA to a site, you can block automated software while helping you welcome users to enter with ease. Most of the time a single click is all they’ll need to confirm they are not a robot.

Integrating reCapctha with TotalDonations’ Form is so easy. First please register here After you get Secret Key and Site Key, copy these keys to TotalDonations via the Security Option panel on the Gateway you wish to use. Then click the reCaptcha checkbox and fill in the keys and you are ready to go run some tests.