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PayPal Guide

Adding your PayPal account:

Accepting donations is easy. Just go to the “PayPal Settings” page and add the PayPal email address you’d like to use and then select the PayPal option. You can set it through PayPal Standard or PayPal Pro. (read more below about the pros and cons of each). You can also use a sandbox email provided by PayPal for testing purposes. Add your live PayPal email address and set the radio button to live when you are ready to start accepting donations. To use PayPal Standard only, all you need to begin accepting donations is your organization’s PayPal email address. (You don’t need to fill in the API Keys for PayPal Standard.)

Tab Name

If you are using more than one gateway and want to change the name of the tab, you can change the name of the tab inside this panel. Just fill in the tab name you wish to use for your PayPal tab and that name will be display on the frontend tab.

If you are using PayPal pro with PayPal Standard/PDT or on its own, you must specify it here inside the dropdown box labeled “PayPal Method” (full version only)

Reoccurring Donations (full version only)

There are two different methods for PayPal. (one for the free version)

They are PayPal Standard and Website Payment Pro. What is the different between these two options?

A. PayPal Standard

If you are using PayPal Standard then all donations processed will be handled by Total Donation’s Instant Payment Notification (IPN) listener. The IPN listeners is a file inside Total Donations whose only job is to listen for notifications from PayPal. The IPN listener will only execute payments with a status of “completed” that are sent from PayPal. Make sure that your site allows the IPN listener to accept messages from PayPal and no firewall is blocking access (sometimes it can be blocked by your .htaccess file too). If you are using a firewall or other security, please add PayPal’s IP address to your white list. With PayPal Standard, the IPN listener is essential in recording donations to your dashboard, progressing the bar and sending out the automatic emails. For this reason, you must enable IPN in your PayPal account. From your PayPal account site, go to My Account → Profile → Instant Payment Notification preferences and make sure the status is set to “on”. Check here for other common problems and solutions

B. Website Payment Pro (full version only)

You can accept donations via credit card directly on your site using a Website Payment Pro account. The major difference between PayPal Standard and Website Payment Pro is that the user is not redirected to PayPal’s website. To be able to use Website Payment Pro, you must have a Website Payment Pro account. This is done though PayPal’s website. You can upgrade your PayPal standard account to a Website Payment Pro on PayPal’s website (there is an additional monthly fee from PayPal to use Website Payment Pro).

In order to use Website Payment Pro (full version only), Total Donations needs the user name, password and signature from your PayPal Pro account. Go to  PayPal and under Profile > Account Information > Request API credentials. Choose Option 2 – “Request API credentials to create your own API username and password.” Copy the user name, password and signature from PayPal to Total Donations.
To accept ongoing recurring donation, you must fill the IPN URL with our IPN listener’s file name. You can see this on Total Donations PayPal Settings page > PayPal account settings > IPN Listener.  Go to PayPal under My account > Profile, click Instant Payment Notification Preferences in the Selling Preferences column. Click Choose IPN Settings to specify your listener’s URL and activate the listener. Copy plugin’s IPN listener into your PayPal IPN’s URL.

Since you will be sending very sensitive credit card information across to PayPal, PayPal Pro requires you to have an SSL certificate set up on your site. Some shared servers do not allow you to use an SSL.

Let your donors choose which version to use: PayPal or Wesbite Payment Pro

You can setting which PayPal you will use on donation form by selecting the correct option on the “Paypal Method” selection box. If you choose to use both PayPal standard and Website Payment Pro, the form will have a radio button on the form so people can choose which type of PayPal payment to use.