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Offline Gateway Guide (Full Version Only)

Adding an Offline Gateway tt

To add an offline gateway, first go to the “Offline Payment Settings” page and then under the section called “Offline donation form” click the checkbox “offline.” You can then drag and drop it and any other gateways you might be using into the order you’d like it to appear on your frontend form. You can also change the name of the tab displayed on the front end form here.

Adding your Text to the Tab

Next choose the text you’d like to display on the fronted form. You can add images, text, etc to the tab via this panel:

Sending an Email to Donors before they are Approved

If you’d like your donors to receive an email after they have clicked the button on the frontend form, check the box below. You can add details to assist them in donating (bank routing instructions, contact info etc) or just a note letting them know you have received their information.

Approving a Donation

Once a donation has been received. It needs to be approved before it is reflected by the progress bar or totals inside Total Donations. Go to the Offline Donations page and you’ll see a yellow exclamation mark beside the donation. This lets you know that there are donations that are waiting to be approved. To approve them, click the green plus icon to open up further details. Then click the button “approve this record.” Once the status has been set to approve, a thank you email will be sent to the donor thanking them for their donation. Since your offline donors have not donated yet, they will not be directed to a thank you page or receive a thank you letter until their donation has been approved.

Changing the Language (waiting/thank you)

If you’d like to change the language that is displayed while waiting and after the offline information has been sent. You can do so in this tab: