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Offline Donations (Full Version Only)

Offline donations allow you to add donations that you receive offline to ensure your progress bar totals are correct and current. You can add offline donation in two ways:

Through the backend

Go to the Offline Donations page and you’ll see an option to add a donation. Except for the first few fields (choose campaign, date, time, transaction type, and organization) the offline donation form is generated by the fields you choose in your multiform page. Only the First Name, Last Name, Time, Amount and Date are required fields. Once you add your offline donation, you’ll be able to export it into a spreadsheet and its totals will be added to any widgets, shortcodes that would normally display this information including the progress bars and top/recent donor widgets.


Front End as Offline Gateway

The frontend form allows your donors to pledge their donations to you. If you wish just to use this panel to give your address or bank information etc without actually allowing your donors to submit anything, you can hid the button so that this panel acts as a blank tab for whatever information you wish to display to your donors.

The workflow to accept offline donations on the frontend form is as follows:

  1. Go to Offline Payment Settings page and choose offline as one of the gateway. You’ll need to fill in the offline tab name and the information for the offline payment panel (this information will show up on the frontend form inside the offline payment tab).
  2. Our offline gateway works as a two step process. The first step, after the donor has submitted their pledge through the offline donation tab, saves their information as a pending donation and if you have checked the option, an email will be sent to them. You can use this email to inform your donors on how they can reach you to fulfill their pledge. Once the donation has been approved you’ll need to click the “approve this donation” button inside the offline page. After you do so, an email will be sent to them thanking them for their donation.
  3. Please note, since the donation has only been pledged, your donor will not be redirect to the Thank You page. However, the button will change into informative text. You can change this information on the following field: on the Offline Payment Settings page.
  4. Please notice that unapproved offline donations will not be shown on the widget, progress bar and/or shortcode generated items. It will show only on the Offline Donations report as a pending donation. To approve it, click the details of a donation and click the approve button. After it is approved, Total Donations will send the thank you email, and the donation will be displayed on the donation on widget, bar and shortcode generated items