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Circle Progress Bar Widget

The circle progress bar allows you to add a radial progress bar to your site’s widgetized areas.

What options does the circle progress bar widget allow for?

  • Widget Title
  • The campaign to show. You may choose from any of your campaigns.
  • Font size: this is the size of the font that is centered inside the cirle progress bar
  • The circle size in pixels: this lets you change the size of the circle. (If you find that the circle and it’s accompanying text are not fitting inside your sidebar, you can reduce the size of the circle to accommodate it.)
  • The thickness of the circle.
  • The start angle.
  • Which direction the circle will go
  • If you want to use a round line cap or a straight.
  • the color of the bar
  • If you want to add a link to a certain page via by adding a URL.
  • The text that is displayed on the button
  • The text aligment: The no text opinion hides the current/target/backers text and centers the circle, the other options controls the text orientation and side that the current/target/backers text will display on.
  • You can change the labels of the current/target/backers.
  • You can add your own HTML or Text above or below the circle. This area supports shortcodes that allow you to add your own dynamic text. The shortcords are [amount] The amount of the campaign, [campaign] The current campaign name, [backers] How many people have donated so far and [percentage] the total donated in a percentage amount.