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Can I use Total Donations for political fundraising? Is it FEC compliant? (Full Version Only)

The Federal Elections Commission (FEC) requires that all political campaigns at the Federal level collect supplemental donor data including the donor’s employer and occupation. Total Donations already sends these fields to PayPal but does not force the user to enter them in by default. To change this, follow these steps.

To follow FEC guidlines:

In additional to first name and last name, you need to collect employer and occupation information. First name and last name are already mandatory fields by default in Total Donations. To make “employer” and “occupation” mandatory fields, go to the “Is this a matching gift?” group and click the radio button on the right side of the panel labeled Mandatory. After this, uncheck the toggle. You can then change the group’s name to something else or if you prefer, you can move the “Employer’s Name” and “Occupation” fields to the “Donor Information” group. You can then safely remove the unneeded group.

After a donor makes a donation, these fields will show up as information in your PayPal reports in addition to being stored within the reports of Total Donations.