Need help with Total Donations? You're in the right place. (Full Version Only)

Please Note: Since you will be sending very sensitive credit card information across to Authorize.Net, Authorize.Net requires you to have an SSL certificate set up on your site. Some shared servers do not allow you to use an SSL.

Adding your Authorize.Net account:

Total Donations now supports donations with Authorize.Net. To set the settings, please go to the Authorize.Net settings page then check the option to add Authorize.Net. This option is inside the gateways chooser panel pictured below. This will make it appear on the donation form. If you are using more than one gateway and want to change the name of the tab, you can change the name of the tab inside this panel. Just fill in the tab name you wish to use for Authorize.Net.

Total Donations Authorize tab



Next, fill in the API Key and the Transaction Key that you get from Authorize.Net. To get the API Key, go to Authorize.Net and choose Account → Security Settings → API Login ID and Transaction Key. Your Transaction Key is generated when you made the account for the first time.

Authorize Keys Total Donations


Verify SSL

The force verify SSL features is to force the plugin to check the certificate and double check that communications with Authorize.Net site are working. However this feature is optional. If you are still in the testing phase, choose Sandbox Authorize.Net as the type. Then when you are ready to go live, choose Authorize.Net.

Reoccurring Donations

A guide to adding reoccurring donations to is available here


How Recurring works and what is Silent Post ?

Total Donations accepts recurring donations via Authorize.Net on the donation form. You must make Authorize.Net the method type plan inside Form Options > Recurring Settings. Authorize.Net only accepts daily and monthly periods for recurring. ( if you are using in combination with other gateways, please keep in mind: You will be restricted to Daily or a Monthly time period with all the other gateways as well. ) For the daily plan, restricts you to a minimum of 7 days.

Total Donations records all on-going recurring with Authorize.Net. Each time a successful on-going recurring is executed, Authorize.Net will send POST data to the URL on the Silent Post. After Total Donations receives the silent post message, it will save the data and send an email to the donor. To set the URL in silent post, go to Account > Transaction Format Settings > Silent POST URL. Copy the URL on your Authorize.Net settings inside Total Donation and copy it to the Silent POST URL inside Authorize.Net’s website.

Changing the Labels on the Authorize tab

To change the label on the frontend, enter in the values here. You can change all the text as well as the placeholder text ( Placeholder text is the text that is displayed inside the field where you type. It goes away during typing )