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Adding Forms with Shortcodes (thank you page and donation form)

Adding a Form to a page with Shortcodes

After setting up the back-end the last thing you’ll need to do before going live is to add your donation form. There are two types of forms. The first, “multi-campaign” forms, gives your donor the ability to switch between which campaigns they’d like to donate towards by clicking on a drop-down list on your form. An advantage of using the “Multi-Campaign Form” is that you can include an “undesignated” category for collecting funds that aren’t earmarked for a particular purpose. The multi-campaign form is meant for campaigns where all the data collected is basically the same but you need to let people have a choice of where that money goes. Use the shortcode [totaldonations] on one of your pages to add a multi-campaign form to your site.


You can customize this form on the “Form Options” page as seen in the image below.


By using the widgets and shortcodes you can allow your donors to go to the page with the correct campaign already selected in the “multi-campaign form.” Please make sure you open the page with the form shortcode at least once so that the URL will be saved. After the URL is saved, it will be linked to by all the widgets and the shortcode generated buttons.

A Form Per Campaign (full version only)

New in versions 2.x is the “a-form-per-campaign” option. This is a single donation form that is unique for each campaign. To add a-form-per-campaign, use a shortcode that includes the form’s ID (e.g. [totaldonations form_id='1150'] ) You can find the shortcode for this option listed inside Total Donations on the campaign page. Single “a-form-per-campaign” forms disable the campaign picker and its accompanying progress bar. If you don’t need to let your donors switch campaigns on your form or you only have one campaign and don’t wish to use a undesignated catagory, you can use the “a-form-per-campaign” option.

By clicking on the button inside the campaign page (shown below) you can customize your Total Donations form for each campaign:


You can also customize the suggested giving levels and add unique form fields for each campaign.


Thank You Page

Total donations includes two types of thank you pages. An in-page “thank you” and a dedicated “thank you” page that requires its own shortcode. If you’d like to choose a separate page to use as a “thank you” page. You must use a page with the following shortcode inside of it [totaldonations_thank_you_page]. After you add the shortcode, your donor’s will be redirected to this page after they have donated. To set the what the donor sees after they donate, please set up the page through the “General Settings” page inside Total Donations.