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Total Donations comes with two types of forms, the single “A Form Per Campaign” and the “Multi-Campaign Form.” What is the difference between these two forms?

Multi-Campaign Form (free version)

Included in the free version, the multi-campaign forms give the user the ability to change campaigns directly on this form. They also allow your donor to choose an “undesignated” category. The advantage of using the multi-campaign form is that you can include an undesignated category for collecting funds that aren’t earmarked for a particular purpose. You can also allow your donors to switch between campaigns on one form. By using the Total Donation shortcodes or Total Donations’ included sidebar widgets, you can make sure your donor sees the correct campaign as the first option listed in the drop down box on the form. The multi-campaign form is meant for campaigns where all the data collected is basically the same but you need to let people have a choice of where their money goes.

To edit your form, go to the ‘Campaign’ page and then click the ‘form’ tab. Here you will see the option to enter the multi-campaign form area.

By selecting here, you are able to change the form fields, add your own fields (choose from select, text, textarea, radio buttons and dropdowns), and edit other per-form settings like the style of the select boxes and much more.

To use this form, use the shortcode [totaldonations]

multicampaign edit area


A Form Per Campaign (Full Version Only)

New in 2.0 is the ability to create a unique form for each campaign. By clicking on the button inside the campaign page (shown below) you can customize your Total Donations form for each campaign.


You can customize the suggested giving levels and add unique form fields for each campaign.


To add your newly created unique form to your website, copy the shortcode shown below and paste it into the webpage you’d like to use for that campaign. Note: You can only display one form per WordPress page or post.


If you only have a single campaign and don’t want to collect undesignated funds, we recommend using this option.