Example Circle Progress bar


Using a few shortcodes you can create campaign boxes for all your campaigns. Easily add as many styled different circle campaign progress bar to your sidebar as well with the circle campaign widget and style them independently. Style the circle progress bar’s color, animations and more from inside the plugin.



Save Orangutans

  • Amount $13,657.00
  • Target $30,000.00
  • Backers 27
We have watched Kevin’s growth since his new enclosure and enrichment. He has become a healthy and energetic young panda. You can help save orangutans by donating. Your generous financial donation will ensure the permanent protection of pandas. It will also create a much-needed sanctuary for the release of orphaned and rehabilitated orangutans back into the wild. Let this be your legacy! Like so much of Borneo’s forestland, unprotected portions of the Forest are currently at risk of being clear-cut and converted to palm oil agriculture or timber concessions. Without your immediate intervention—and your financial support—this forest habitat could be lost forever. Please donate by clicking the button below or by heading over to our donate page

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